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4 Social Media Trends to Anticipate in 2020 and Beyond

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Moving into 2020, here are some of what social media users, especially, businesses and brands, should watch out for.

In the past years, up to half of the world’s population, have been active, on various social media platforms.

Not less than 90% of millennials are, actively, regular, on more than one of these platforms, while more than 80% of Generation Z, actually, learn about new products, via these platforms.

This is, one reason, why a large percentage of business owners have made social media marketing, as part of their strategies for effective sales.

As 2019 runs to a close, social media will, certainly, play a crucial role, in the way businesses are executed.

The question left to be answered is that, how should brands anticipate social media trends that would take over the social media space, in 2020.

Here are some of the major social media trends to watch out for, in 2020:

De-emphasise “Vanity Metrics.”

In a TED talk conference, Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, stated that, the followers count is, now rather, of no significance, just like the way the “like” button, would be de-emphasised.

This is an indication for businesses, on the platforms, to take a deeper look at better metrics that, actually, count.

Metrics like user engagement and the likes. Businesses and brands, should explore essential user data for a better comprehension of targeting their customers rather than followers and comments.

The Demise Of The “Like” Button On Instagram.

Brands often lay emphasis, on the number of “Likes” realized, on social media platforms, as a sign of impact, however, this emphasis is, not the real deal, as it tends to stifle a proper engagement on these platforms.

Instagram, recently, joined the list of social media platforms, set to de-emphasise the “Like” button. Instagram will, henceforth, disable you, from viewing the number of likes on its platform, except, for your own post.

Influencers appear to have a wider reach. Instagram is trying to fight the issue of fake followers and likes.

Social media marketers will need to come up, with new ways, to keep up with these potential changes.

Audience Segmentation

Brands and average social media users, do craft their posts, based on their audience.

On a larger scale, social media users appear, not to have a good grasp, of how to laser target their messages, to their audiences.

This approach is, quite a miss, on getting a hand, on audience segmentation.

Segmentation involves you, dividing your audience, strategically, into segments, based on their preferences.

Audience segmentation is, beyond knowing how to carry out demographics, because, in the future, segmentation will define new strategies, for social media.

Video Content Is King

For the past few years, video has been the most consumed content, on social media.

Indications, from Social Media Today, shows that, in 2020, 82% of the internet traffic will come from video.

Social media marketers, would continue to look for ways, to integrate videos, into their strategies.

More emphasis will now be laid, on creative ways, to make videos that, best defines the art of storytelling.

A continuation of these social media trends follows, in the next edition of this article

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