4 Exercises To Make You A Better Critical Thinker

Way back in the University, my Professor usually told us to think about solving issues, from an unconventional angle.

He always told us to think critically, about the answer to a question, before answering it, even, if the answer is glaringly staring at us, right there, in front of us.

For him, there are always a thousand and one ways, to look at any situation and you can only know the true nature of something, if you think critically about it.

Critical thinking, forces you to look back and analyze things objectively, with a free mind, devoid of biases.

It shows you the true nature of things, from different perspectives, which, in turn, boosts creativity and also allows you to proffer lasting solutions to the problems.

The fact, however, is this. We all have the ability to be better critical thinkers, but the level at which we push ourselves and the amount of time we invest in learning the skills of how to be better critical thinkers, differentiates us all.

To be a better critical thinker, you need to exercise your critical thinking skills and it does not happen overnight.

It takes time and processes, but in time, it gets stronger.

Below are 4 critical thinking exercises that you can try out:

Always Ask Questions

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Develop the ability to always ask questions, even, if you already know the answers.

Ask again, as multiple answers, tends to shed more light on the questions and may end up showing you other angles to view, or, approach, to solve issues.

This helps in boosting your critical thinking skills.

Question Basic Assumption

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Rene Descartes, during Meditations, aimed to rid himself of all knowledge that could be doubted.

He used the analogy of a rotten apple in a barrel, in which, all apples must be removed and checked, in order to determine, which apples should be kept and which to discard.

Some of the greatest innovators in human history were those who simply question basic assumptions.

Converse With Kids

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Children do not have clear grasp of how the world works and their thinking is always genuine and limited to things that they encounter daily.

If you can explain your idea to a kid, in such a way that, the kid will understand it, shows that you know what you are talking about, fully.

Conversations with kids will shed more light, on the concept that you are discussing with them.

Get To know About People’s Challenges

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Reading about other people’s challenges and how these were overcome, exposes you to new experiences.

This, also, creates a pathway for you, to tap into their knowledge and chart out your own path.

It also provokes you to always think.

Are there other ways you think one can be a critical thinker? Let us know in the comment section below.

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