4 Exciting Technological Innovations this Year and their Implications

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There have been, so many technological innovations, this year that, are, so, awesome and all these, makes me, so, excited about future possibilities.

If all these awesome technologies, can debut this year, I dare to say that, 2020 is, most likely, to be super fantastic and the technologies that will surface, then, could blow our minds away.

As the years go by, technology keeps evolving. Upgrades and disruptive innovations are taking over, as man, continues to seek simpler ways, of making things easier for him, as well as, improve his standard of living.

The time frame, between industrial revolutions, is, changing and getting shorter. It is, just a matter of time, before we are ushered into, the 5th industrial revolution.

The 5th industrial revolution signs are more pronounced now and man is, already, thinking of 6G, even, when the 5G, has not been, fully, adopted.

Things that were thought to be and looked impossible, about 50 years ago, have now been debunked by science and technology, as humans, continue to seek ways of dominating his environment.

The great march of technology is, not likely, to stop any time soon and we are in a period, where, from the comfort of your home, you are connected, to millions of people, across the world.

Boundaries have been rendered, obsolete, by technological advancement, giving us free access and connectivity to everything.

Bio-medics is growing. Internet of Things, IoT, will define, the future man’s relationship, with his environment, but there are some other technological innovations, that really, wowed, almost every tech enthusiast, this year.

4 of them, are listed below:

Cardless Payments

One of the aims of technology is, to make things easy and accessible and not to create more hardship for humans.

Making things easy is, exactly, what the Cardless payment has done.

Cardless payment is a form of financial transaction that has come a long way, as it, slowly, evolved into what it is today.

It is now easier, to make a purchase and pay for it, without having to input your card details.

5G Network

Some days back, MTN Nigeria, demonstrated to Nigerians, what to expect from 5G Network, especially, how fast it is.

The introduction of 5G is, just out of the world and the internet will be 10 times faster.

Everything one can think of will be revolutionized. It will take, just, seconds to upload a 10gb file, download speeds, website speeds, mobile speeds and more, will be off the chart.

Data Science

Data is, the new oil and this statement is right because, almost everything we can think of now, has been digitalized.

Data science is, an emerging field that presents, so many possibilities to us and gives software developers, organisations and businesses, the ability to harness, pooled data, for use, to boost the productivity of organisations. This process has been enhanced in 2019.

My prediction is that the best of data science will become more pronounced, in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

The rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has been a phenomenon.

It has grown in leaps and bounds, in 2019 and it is, gradually, becoming an essential feature, in almost every business.

Artificial Intelligence will ensure that things are controlled faster, from any location, through devices, or, with just a voice command.

Share with us other technological innovations that have got you excited this year

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