4 Effective Ways Young Entrepreneurs Can Handle Criticism

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Sometimes ago, I attended a pitch event and after a young founder had delivered his pitch, he was given a scathing remark and was told that his business ideas, will never fly.

A few days ago, I met the same young founder and he just secured $500,000 Venture Capital funding, for the same business idea that he was told, will not fly.

Criticism is, a very powerful concept that has the capacity, to build, or, destroy anything in the space of one minute, depending on how it is taken by the person being criticised.

No matter how constructive criticism may be, its effect may trigger demoralizing effects, or, serve, as a catalyst that speeds up improvement.

As young entrepreneurs, building up a mental shield that will screen all the criticism thrown at you, is a necessity, as the entrepreneurship journey is rough and filled with tons of disappointments.

Learning to be mentally strong, in order to know how to differentiate, well constructive criticisms, from the ones that are given to destabilize you, will give you an edge and make the entrepreneurship journey a lot easier for you.

Criticism is an expression that relays disapproval, based on what someone, or, something perceived, as faults, or, mistakes.

Below are 4 ways that, young entrepreneurs can handle criticism, effectively and use it to their advantage:

Do Not Take Criticism Too Personal

When you are being criticized, the best thing you can do, as a young entrepreneur is, not to get defensive.

Relax and accept it all, but funnel the criticism and mentally, start choosing the ones that will be useful to you and discard the ones you do not need.

Not everyone will buy into your ideas and people, will always see a hole, in what you are trying to sell and will batter you with it, but it does not mean that, they are right.

Just listen, assimilate, then, go back and get back to work.

Assume They All Have Good Intentions

It becomes way easier to handle whatever type of criticism comes your way, if you can program your mind and assume that, they all have good intentions.

Some people criticise you because they just want to help you and ensure that you succeed.

Just nod your head and go ahead.

Make Criticism Your Inspiration

Thousands of young entrepreneur’s dreams, have been killed by criticism and daily, tons of entrepreneurs, just give up, when people tell them that, their business ideas are too weak to work.

Learn to anticipate these criticisms and use them, as inspirational springboards that will spur you on, to do great things.

Let them inspire you to learn more, do more and increase your mental critic shield!

It Is A Learning Curve Embrace It

There is no way someone can learn, without getting feedbacks. Irrespective of the way the feedback is given to you, its aim is to improve you.

Learn to embrace constructive criticism, as it a learning curve that will ensure that you become better at what you are doing.

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