3 Things That Stop You from Achieving Your Goals

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Some people go through life, setting goals, making plans and back up plans, to achieve something spectacular in their lives.

If they achieve it, fine and if they do not, they move on to other things, while some set goals, targets and work round the clock, in order to achieve their goals.

Basically, there is little or, no difference, between these two sets of people, other than the fact that, one set a target and achieved it, while, the other, also, set a target and did not achieve it.

Setting goals, targets and objectives, are very much okay. They are, basically, essential, to our growth as human beings to set them and to a large extent, goals, are, essentially, the pathway to success.

When those goals are, however, accompanied, by laser-sharp targets, they give you that extra motivation, to work hard, towards achieving the goals.

“It must be borne in mind that, the tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies, in having no goals to reach”, stressed Benjamin E. Mays.

As awesome as the end result of achieving a goal looks, only very few people, end up achieving them, while the rest just falls off along the route.

Below are 3 things that can stop you from achieving your goals:

The Oliver Twist Syndrome

Oliver Twist, was a character, depicting a poor little boy, in one of Charles Dickens novels, titled, Oliver Twist.

The Oliver Twist character in the book, whether, rightly or wrongly, wanted to have more food, after eating up his share.

This depicted him as one who was not contented with what he got. This characterisation, is exactly how some people behave, in real life.

Some people just want riches to fall on their laps, without working for it.

They want to get that 9 – 5 high salary paying job and increase the quality of their life, not content with and planning, around what their capacity is capable of providing for them.

This kind of mentality is, so wrong and will only lead one, into committing some grievous mistakes, or, misdemeanor, all, in the name of striving to be wealthy.

Only when you start to appreciate the little that you have, will you start thinking about growing it, into a big thing, through carefully mapped out strategies, which require the application of a lot of hard work and common sense.

Having no self-belief

Not believing in yourself and your set out goals, is as good as, not having the goals at all, in the first instance.

Your goals are reflections of what you want to be, which in turn, resonates with believing in yourself.

Believing in yourself, will see you through a lot of dark days, when the ‘universe may conspire to frustrate all your efforts’.

Those days, are very dark and bleak, with no hope in sight.

Believing in yourself, however, will see you through this time and make you forge ahead, into something better and stronger, as well as, keep you focused, until you achieve the end result of your goals.

Fear of Taking the big leap

Believing in yourself and your goals, will make you to take further steps to achieving them.

This will give you the impetus to you take big and daring steps. Success is not an easy thing to achieve and it does not come cheap. It takes sacrifice and a lot of daring risks to attain success.

Do not be afraid to take those big, daring steps, even, though, you do not know where it will take you.

Lots of successful people across the world have been taking daring steps, towards the actualization of their goals and you will not be the first, or, the last to take such steps.

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