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3 Technologies that Disrupt Graphic Design

One of the skills that are usually recommended whenever you finish your high school education is computing skills. Those from average homes especially in Nigeria do not always afford to send their kids to the university. They charge them to go for a “computer training class,” that trend is still in vogue.

The trainer introduces Corel Draw to you, including other software applications. Mind you the interest here is just to learn how to design fliers, logos, ID cards and others. After which job hunting starts, probably to work as a Graphic Designer.

It is not wrong to learn how to use Corel Draw or even Paint. You could dedicate up to 3 weeks to each of these programs, just to know and learn how to use them.

Today, you may not need to commit yourself developing such skill anymore because technology has also disrupted that segment.

People are coming up with jaw breaking artistic design without having a clue about any software design such as Paint or Corel Draw.

With so many beautifully designed post on social media, one would not be able to distinguish anymore between graphic artist and the ordinary person.

You don’t need to be any of these to design something beautiful. There are a few software one could use to do something creative. Some are free while some are not.


I have used this software for many of my social media designs. The software is straightforward to use. It has a template of different categories of beautiful models in large numbers. All you need to do is to edit

You can import images of any kind, select from different stylish fonts, shapes, photos, and colors. A whole lot you can play with while using this software.

All the campaigns I did for clients using designs became possible because of O could select any template that suits me.

After your design, you can easily download either as PDF, JPEG or PNG, depending on what image type you are looking for. All for free

However, some templates cost about $1 before you download them on Canva.


Stencil, an image editing software. It’s a graphic design tool primarily focused on marketing instead of just making graphic design accessible. Aside from that, it also focuses on social media images.

Stencil has hundreds of templates, 1,200,00+ CC0 images, 800,000+ icons, 100,000+ quotes, and lots of other features.


This is another is a tool that’s quite similar to Canva, disrupting the design space. It almost has the same interface with Canva.

DesignBold has a more extensive selection of stock photos which allows you to make choices. It has a whole new set of templates that you can choose from when you’re creating your designs.