3 Movies With Vital Lessons For Entrepreneurs

Constant learning is key for entrepreneurs.

There are several ways to learning. For some, reading books work for them. For others, physical classes will do.

Others would opt for online learning, where they can learn at a pace of their choice.

The main concern, however, is that entrepreneurs constantly seek to learn.

This is to enable them to be on top of their game and to revamp ways of getting solutions for varying problems.

In addition to following mentors, reading books and experiencing real-life practices, entrepreneurs can also learn, through business movies.

Here are three movies for entrepreneurs to see, with relevant lessons:

The Pursuit of Happyness
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The Pursuit of Happyness is a 2006 movie that describes the success story of Chris Gardner.

He struggles with homelessness, raising his son alone, and putting up with an unpaid internship at his age.

Some of the lessons learnt, watching ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ include:


A lot of entrepreneurs may be able to relate with the main character, Chris Gardner.

As things were not rosy for him in the beginning and there were struggles, before he became successful.

At a point in the movie, Chris had to sleep in the bathroom of a subway, on one night, with his son.

At other times, they spent the night in a shelter for homeless people.

He, also, had to put up on a brave front for his son, pretending that things were not what they actually were, just to keep him happy.

He was patient, through the struggles and it paid off in the end.

Take advantage of opportunities

One other lesson to learn from this movie is to take opportunities, when they present themselves.

Experience is key for entrepreneurs. When opportunities present themselves, as much as possible, they should be taken advantage of, even, if they come with little, or no pay.

Chris got the opportunity to intern as a stockbroker. There was no pay attached.

No guarantees that he would scale through and no assurance that he would be offered a job afterwards.

He, however, understood that he would get hands-on experience, exposure and an upgrade, academic-wise.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
Movies for entreprenurs  - cfamedia
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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, is a 2019 movie that tells the story of a 13-year-old boy, who was thrown out of school, for lack of fees, but went on to build a windmill to save his village from famine.

Two lessons to be learnt from this movie include the following:

Do not be scared to start small

William, the main character, started by building a much smaller windmill to see if it would work, before proceeding to make something bigger.

This act of his, throws light on the importance of testing with models, as entrepreneurs. Before launching into the big project itself, run a model.

A model, or starting small, gives you practice time and allows you to learn from the mistakes made in the process.

Share your vision with others

William had a vision and that was to provide water for his village, by building a windmill.

He met with other kids in his village to share his vision. These kids were the ones, who ganged up against his father, to get William the bike he needed.

When William shared the idea with his librarian, the librarian showed him books on windmills and electricity generation.

Sharing your ideas with other people is not, usually, a wrong move. They could help propel your dreams to reality.

Steve Jobs
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This is a movie about business success and has lessons that entrepreneurs should hold drear to heart.

Drive for perfection

Jobs has an aversion for mediocre people and understood that success in business, could only come from continually striving for that perfect state in what you do.

There always had to be that working, towards making a product the best it could be,

In his words, “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected”.

Hesitating does not always pay

Steve realised that, in the process of waiting to be sure, or to get some confirmation, someone else could beat him to the market.

Even with his reservations and wanting to have everything perfect, Jobs took the necessary risks.

Similar inspiration can hit different people, but what would matter is who went through with the idea first.

You may have reservations and all, but take the bold step, by working on your ideas with immediacy.

Do you have your own favorite movies for entrepreneurs? Let us know in the comment section below.

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