3 Essential Ingredients Required for Effective Blockchain Use

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Over the years, blockchain has evolved and the more its application is used, the more it goes viral and the greater the value of its potential.

It is just a matter of time, before the blockchain technology becomes applicable, in almost everything that concerns humans, ranging from products and services, legal tender, etc.

Companies are now adopting the blockchain technology and gradually, moving to a model, where data is now shared, in a simplified format.

It was, recently, revealed, by IDC that, in 2019, there will be an 80% increment, in the overall spending, on the blockchain, dwarfing that of 2018.

Its market is huge and there has been a significant rise, in the purchase of blockchain software and hardware tools.

There has been an increase, among blockchain enthusiasts, as more people are interested in venturing into its sphere.

Here are 3 essential ingredients, required for effective blockchain use:

The Single Shared Problem

Nadia Hewett, Lead – Projects, for blockchain and distributed ledger technology, for the World Economic Forum, opined that “blockchain fosters connectivity and collaboration, in the industry and ensures that, everyone focuses on finding solutions, to a shared problem.”

She further stressed that irrespective of the pressure, building from stakeholders in the industry, everyone needs to find a lasting solution, to the problem, or, live with the dire consequence that follows.

Top organisations and CEOs, need to start looking outside their sphere, for ways, to optimize their businesses and push, into new markets.

Tactically Gifted Minds To Make Decisions

One unique thing about this technology is that it is a decentralized system, but the process of decentralized governance is, very slow.

Director of the Blockchain Center of Excellence, for the University of Arkansas, Mary Lacity, stressed that “the efficiency of blockchain, only makes sense because, it is decentralized, but the organisation, has been experimenting with, a more centralised format, as it is easier.”

Creating an environment, whereby, the system operates, in inclusive governance and the industry, still maintains its control, is very difficult, but if work is put in place and tactically, gifted minds are brought in, there will be a clear path.


No matter how far we think that we have gone, in terms of the technology’s initiatives, there is, still more grounds to cover.

New initiatives and perspectives need to be injected, aggressively, so that, their workload will, drastically, reduce.

Successful blockchain consortium, are very agile, in how communication is being done, the running of the business, an inflow of funds, etc.

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