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3 easy ways to transfer data from an iOS device

3 Easy Ways to Transfer Data From an iOS Device

In Nigeria, Apple users are classified as big money spenders because Apple devices in the market are usually for high-end users. It is not everybody that can afford Apple. Hence, the number of Android users exceeds the number of Apple users.

For better understanding, iOS is Apple’s proprietary mobile operating system (OS) for its handheld devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Meanwhile, getting your iDevice free up by transferring your files from iDevice to desktop allows a smooth process for any upgrade. This seems to be paramount, especially, if you want to avert the risk of losing your data which is usually possible when your files remain on your iDevice.


3 Easy Ways to Transfer Data From an iOS DeviceSome tools can help you transfer data from an iOS device to computer, though it requires processes which am about let you know. These procedures must be followed, if not, you stand the chance of losing your data. Such tools help you tap into the functionality of your device.

Just free your iDevice

Yes, there are lots of files managers that could be used to achieve file transfer and data management. But you need to consider versatility speed, user interface, time and flexibility. If you go the wrong way, you spend the whole time transferring files. It can even get interrupted.

Regarding importing files such as video, do not go the traditional way. I mean using iTunes, that would take much of your time. Not only that, sometimes the imported videos fails to play on your iPhone. Look out for a tool that would help transfer your videos to iPhone or PC in minutes, so you don’t waste time.

Choose the right tool

Like I said earlier, avoid using iTunes when it comes to file transfer. iTunes never erases the old data on your iPhone, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Interestingly, you use WinX MEdiaTrans if you think that managing music can be a pain with the restrictions of the limited size of iPhone screen and complex operations.

WinX MediaTrans allows you to edit, rename, delete iPhone music playlists, and get an overview of the music quality, format, and duration with the file structure of your phone showing in an organized way on Windows PC.

Turn your iDevice to free USB drive

Taking USB along is something we have seen and experienced. You don’t need to take a USB anymore, with this file transfer, your device is already free to accommodate any other file. This will set your iPhone, iPad or iPod at hand like a flash drive to store your Excel, Word, or other files temporarily.

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