2019 Bloggers Summit: Maximising Technology to Build Profitable Blogging Businesses

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The Internet and particularly social media have revolutionized the way news, views and opinions are expressed and consumed in our society today.

Coming on the heels of this revolution is the menace of fake news and hate speech. It has become imperative that those who communicate online must do so with due regard for decorum.

There is, therefore, the need to educate our people, thereby enabling useful and responsible online communication.

Bloggers are at the core of online social influence in our society, with many becoming prominent and influential.

Considering the number of bloggers in Nigeria and the need to create a healthy atmosphere for their creativity to blossom in the blogging sphere, Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) provides a platform (The Bloggers Summit) to bring bloggers and content developers together to interact, develop and improve not only their blogging skills but also their content, business management and technical skills.

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) is pleased to invite all bloggers, aspiring bloggers, journalists, content developers, media entrepreneurs and stakeholders within the internet community to the 2nd edition of her Bloggers Summit themed “Maximizing Technology to Build Profitable Blogging Businesses”.

The event is a one-day summit scheduled to hold on Tuesday 26th November 2019 from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm at Royal Damgrete Hotel, 13-16 Factory Road, GRA, Umuahia, Abia State.

The objectives of the summit are to:

  • encourage stellar online behavior within the internet and blogging community by providing legal, ethical and technical training;
  • stimulate the industry by ensuring that Bloggers develop and publish content relevant to society and around burning issues such as Internet Governance;
  • encourage responsible journalism through blogging
  • create job and wealth opportunities for Nigerians

Interested participants are kindly requested to register here via the link

Since this is a community event, NiRA invites other stakeholders and sponsors to be a part of the Summit.

There will be opportunities to take on booths, to exhibit products and services.

Interested sponsors or exhibitors should please email

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