2 Reasons You Should Stay Positive When Your First Startup Experience Failure

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Nothing is more depressing than for someone to watch what he/she has spent time, energy and lots of resources in building up, come down crumbling and going up in flame, right in front of them and being powerless to save it.

We all just hate it, when things do not go the way we planned.

It is demoralizing and emotionally draining. We just want things, to always go the way we want.

We want that business to boom, the way we envisaged in our head, but let me burst your bubble; things do not, usually, work the way you planned it to be and the earlier you come to terms with that, the better it will be for you.

Great inventors failed, multiple times, likewise some great entrepreneurs that we all now look up to, as very successful, today.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”, explained Thomas A. Edison, who pioneered inventions in phonographs, motion picture and bringing the light bulb to the masses, etc.

Failing is part of the learning process and it creates a learning curve.

This is a process that you may take for granted, if you have what you wish for, on a platter of gold.

Entrepreneurs like Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, James Dyson, Vera Wang, Steven Spielberg, etc., have failed, in, virtually, all the stages in their careers, but today, the world looks up to them, for the extraordinary things that they have done.

When you fail in your first start-up, how you choose to react, will determine how far you will go in your entrepreneurship journey.

Here are 2 reasons, you need to stay positive when you experience start-up failure:

You, Will, Become More Experienced

There is an adage that goes thus, “Experience is the best teacher”.

What you experienced, first-hand forms a part of your reasoning skills.

You will, definitely, learn, especially, if the experience is a painful one.

When you fail, in your first start-up, stay positive and use the experience gathered, to serve, as a guide, when you are building up your second startup. Do not break-down. Take time out.

Re-visit your strategies and have your team start planning again.

“Try again. Fail again. Fail better”, says Samuel Beckett.

You, Will, Be Stronger Mentally

When you fail in your first start-up and decide not to give up, you become mentally strong and nothing will shake you up again.

The first Startup failure has a way of killing off one’s moral, but if you can get over this stage and focus ahead, the sky will be your starting point.

“I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying”, stated Michael Jordan, the American Basketball icon, with finality.

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