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170 New COVID-19 Cases Recorded – NUAHP Calls For Reversal Of Relaxation Of Lockdown With Reasons

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One Hundred And Seventy, (170), new COVID-19 cases, were recorded in Nigeria, as at 12:00 am, on Monday, May 4, 2020.

This was made known in an update given, by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC.

This now brings the total number of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria to Two Thousand, Five Hundred And Fifty-Eight, (2,558), with Four Hundred, (400), of those cases, discharged and Eighty-Seven, (87), deaths recorded.

The number of active cases in Nigeria, now stands at Two Thousand And Seventy-One, (2,071), cases.

The new cases recorded, showed that, Lagos State recorded Thirty-Nine, (39), new cases, while Kano State recorded Twenty-Nine, (29), new cases, with Ogun State recording Twenty Four, (24), new cases.

Bauchi State recorded Eighteen, (18), new cases, while Kaduna State recorded Fifteen, (15), new cases, with the Federal Capital Teritory, Abuja, and Sokoto State recording Twelve, (12), new cases each.

Katsina State recorded Eight new cases, while Borno recorded Seven, (7), new cases, with Nasarawa State recording Three, (3), new cases. Adamawa State recorded Two, (2), new cases, with Oyo State recording One, (1), case.

The phased relaxation of the lockdown measures, announced by President Muhammadu Buhari last week, has commenced today, Monday, May 24, 2020, however, the Nigerian Union of Allied Health Professionals, NUAHP, has appealed to the President to re-think the phased relaxation of the lockdown for a number of reasons.

The Union stated that, this is based on the continued increase, in the number of COVID-19 cases recorded, since the President announced the phased reversal.

“As a Union, with members as frontline workers, we cannot, but caution the Federal and affected State governments, to continue with the lockdown, until adequate measures have been taken to contain it”, the Union stressed in its statement.

The Union fears that, the health facilities available in Nigeria, will not be able to contain the sharp increase in the cases of COVID-19 cases, if the lockdown is relaxed and people start to contract the virus, through community transmission.

“We must not forget the fact that, the deficit of health professionals, medical materials and facilities, in our country, would not be able, to handle whatever upsurge that may arise, due to the high incidences, especially, the community transmission that is being presently witnessed, in some parts of the country”, the Union’s statement emphasised.

This only goes to reinforce the fact that, despite the relaxation of the lockdown, people should not relax, in taking all the precautionary measures of washing of hands, using hand sanitizers, maintaining social distance, as well as, use their face mask, when leaving their homes.

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