15 Nigerian Start-ups Selected for Wimbart PR Office Hours

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No fewer than Fifteen, (15), Nigeria Start-ups have been selected, for this year’s Wimbart’s office hour program, which is designed to help start-ups have a clear understanding, of how Public Relations, (PR) and Communications work and how these should be harnessed, maximised and used for growth, planning and scaling.

A total of twenty-two, (22), start-ups, were selected. Two, (2), of the start-ups, are from Kenya, two, (2), from Ghana, one, (1), from Rwanda, one, (1), from Cameroon and finally, the pan-African Doctor 4 Africa, completed the list.

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One of the primary aims of Wimbart, (a London-based company), is to provide mentorship opportunities, for African tech start-ups that will further equip them, with the necessary Public Relations, (PR) and communications tools that will give them the needed leverage, to achieve their business goals.

Below are the 15 Nigerian start-ups selected for Wimbart PR Office Hours :

Passage Telecommunications

Passage Nigeria is a licensed ISP business organisation that brings affordable, reliable, unlimited and faster internet service, to communities in Africa.

The Bulb Africa

The Bulb Africa is a platform that helps Africans, with innovative tech ideas. They have selected programs, for entrepreneurs, e.g., incubator, accelerator and also, help launch, grow and sustain founder’s businesses.


This start-up, basically, simplifies the lending process, making use of sophisticated technology that leads to awesome lending experience.


This is a sharing system that helps users, through a conceptual framework facilitate knowledge sharing, in accounting.


This start-up provides the platforms that allow teachers and students, to interact across borders, irrespective of their different locations, in the world.


OVAREC helps monitor and manage your child’s complete vaccination, for the first 24 months, after delivery, which ensures children are better protected and well vaccinated.

Scrapays Technologies

This start-up buys off the household wastes and helps host a waste collection centre. It, basically, simplifies waste collections.


This start-up is an “On-demand Home Rental Solution”, with flexible payment and rent insurance.


This start-up offers laundry services, across the city of Lagos.


This is a platform that empowers freelance digital artists, to create African inspired assets and make them available, for download, to a global market.


This start-up, offers a ride to work and back, through designated routes.


This is a health-tech start-up that provides affordable healthcare coverage, for individuals and family members.


This start-up provides financial services to farmers and is, also, digitalizing the value chain of food crops, by building tools for agro-processors.

First Medtrade Africa

This start-up provides round the clock access, to world-class healthcare right, from your phone, by connecting you, with expert medical professionals, or facilities in Nigeria, or abroad.


This start-up provides the platform, through which people can buy food and grocery online in bulk, at wholesale prices.

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