12 Start-ups from East Africa Got $150k From Villgro Kenya to Combat COVID-19

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There has been a steady rise, in the number of people infected with COVID-19, in Africa.

Despite efforts, by the various African governments and private organisations, to halt the spread of the disease, the number keeps spiking up on daily basis.

To, effectively, curb and understand the virus, investors are giving out funds, to start-ups that have innovative solutions that might, eventually, eradicate the spread of the virus.

No fewer than 12 start-ups from East Africa, have been awarded US$150,000, in grant funding, by incubator and impact investor, based in Nairobi, Kenya, known as Villgro Kenya.

One of the primary reasons, why this grant was given to the 12 start-ups is, so they can use technologies, to innovate the way testing is done and also, monitor via data, the spread of COVID-19.

The 12 selected start-ups include:

• KEMRI – A rapid diagnostic kit start-up

• Health-E-Net – A telemedicine platform

• Enzi Health – hail-a-clinic service start-up

• Flare – emergency response service start-up

• Neopenda Uganda – remote patient monitoring device

• Maisha Technologies Ethiopia – a 3D printing shield manufacturer.

• Simbona Africa – UVC light treatment company.

• Kijenzi – 3D printing company.

• Medixus – A peer learning platform for doctors.

Furthermore, three entities that are into manufacturing of ventilators – “the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology”, “Ventilators Africa” and “Samuel Kairu”, will also, be funded.

The funding will be spread across 3 plains; product development, upscale of production and quality system upgrade, to ensure access to affordable healthcare is guaranteed.

“Innovations like these, show the true resilience and grit communities have, to fight health challenges, in the African continent.

We have come out to support these solutions, because we believe they will have the greatest impact, on the fight against coronavirus, in Africa”, stressed Dr Robert Karanja, CEO, Villgro Kenya, while speaking on the development.

Villgro Kenya will, closely, monitor the selected start-ups and offer expertise to them, when needed.

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