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10 Hacks You Need Using Google

Google is the most used search engine in the world. It is known by anyone who has a phone. Even those who are not computer savvy might have heard of the name Google.
But then how well do we know it? How much of it are we using? It is a versatile and efficient engine. 
Let Google plan your wedding for you
Should I say free of charge! Yes, Google’s wedding Planner can do this for you.
It can announce your wedding engagement news, make a budget and find the venue for you, create a schedule, draw out the guest list; it can also make a website just for your wedding.
View World Art Galleries from your home.
Instead of paying for an exhibition, you can take a tour of beautiful and quality art from galleries all over the world right there on your bed.
Compare food calories
Hit up Google search engine. You can compare, like Beans v Yam. Google will bring you the calorie differences of the foods
Draw on Google translate
You could draw out a symbol or sign and Google will show you its meaning and the translation if it is like Chinese, Japanese.
Automatically sort out your Gmail incomings
This is used to get all further emails from a particular company or sender in one place. When signing up on some websites, you can give your email like this, yourmail+websitename, go to your Gmail; create a folder where all emails from that site will automatically go into. Squeaky clean!
Search for something using Google image search.
If all you have about a particular subject or person is their image and you want to know more, use Google image to search for the person. Make sure to save the image on your computer, and then drag it onto the search space.
Get amazing and cool fonts
You can search for fonts to use for your system or just give your browser a new face.
Pronounce huge numbers with Google.
If you have a large and massive number you are wondering how to call it, type the number and add “=English” and it will pronounce it correctly for you.
Discover trends, what people search for
With Google Analytics, you can know what people are interested in per time. This can be vital to businesses.
Do the barrel roll and defy gravity.
You want a spin of 360 degrees on your browser, type “do a barrel roll” into Google, click search, get a view of some backflips. You can use the Google Gravity to turn your screen impossible ways.

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