10 Basic Office Tools Start-ups Should Have In Their Premises

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Entrepreneurs are always excited, when they move beyond the idea stage of their start-up, to the stage, where they secure the necessary funds needed, to kick start their business.

This period, usually, witness entrepreneurs, searching for a workspace that will serve, as their area of operation.

For those who want to have their own personal offices, they have to secure an office environment that suits their taste first and start modifying the office, with all the much needed tools, (equipment).

After securing the office space, the next step is, getting the necessary basic office tools that will aid the functionality of the start-up office.

Below are 10 most needed basic tools that, a start-up should procure for use in the office:

Office Supplies And Furniture

The first step is, procuring and setting up the furniture in the office space. This tends to take a large chunk of the office space.

You need to set and arrange them properly, after which, you start putting office supplies, in the right places.

Office furniture include; desk, chairs, room dividers, whiteboards, conference table, etc, while office supplies include; pens, photocopy/printing paper, rubber band, cello tapes, folder files, binders, staplers, calendar, calculators, marker pens, printing ink, scissors, paperclips, glue, etc.

Business Telephone Line

This will serve as one of the communication links, through which, both established and potential customers, can reach out to you, to make inquiries, or, table their complaints, etc.

It is very important for you to have this available. A, not too expensive, smartphone, serve well.


The functionality of the office, depends on, the availability of this equipment, as computers are primary drivers of a business. They just have to be in topnotch conditions.

Having computers, will not, only, ensure that, you run an efficient workflow, but it will give your office, a modernized technological enhanced look.

The basic tools here, include; desktop computers, laptops, wireless router, printers, photocopiers, scanners, paper shredder, external hard drives, thumb drives, flash drives, etc.

Internet Connectivity

If the availability of a computer is a primary driver of your business, then, Internet connectivity is its lifeblood.

Your connection to the rest of the world, matters a lot, as you get to do more research and get the necessary information that will boost your business.

In terms of creating more awareness of all the products and services that your start-up offers, your online presence, made possible by the internet, will ensure that this happens.

Search and pitch your tent, with a good internet provider that, provides quality internet service.

A Standby Power Supply

Most times, in this clime, general power supply, is erratic and this may affect the productivity of your business.

A start-up needs, to have an alternative or multiple sources of power supply.

The efficiency of many start-ups lies in the availability of a steady power supply.

A standby generator plant, top quality inverter and solar power, will do just fine.

Storage Cabinet/Facility

You need to have a storage cabinet in the main office, where things, such as personal effects and other items not needed immediately, in the office that, make the general office look crowded, will be kept.

It will not bode well, for a well establish office, not to have storage space. Fix up good shelves, filing cabinets, bins, etc.

Mailing/Shipping Supplies

There is a high probability of the business, needing to mail a package, as well as ship something.

It is necessary that start-ups have all the necessary basic tools needed for this.

Tools for these include; envelopes, padded envelopes, mailing labels, packing tape, boxes, stationery, stamps, etc.

Safety Supplies

It is better, to have safety equipment, tucked, in an easy-to-access area of the office, as a disaster may erupt at any time. It should be top priority.

Basic tools needed here include; First aid kit, flashlights, fire extinguishers, Carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, etc.

Kitchen Supplies

Your team needs to have a comfortable spot, where they can relax and eat. This space should have all the necessary basic tools needed.

These supplies include; water dispenser, coffee maker, mugs, cups, refrigerator, water cooler, etc.

Cleaning Supplies

The office has to be kept tidy, so, it is highly mandatory that, the office has the basic tools needed here and these tools include; sweeping brush, trash cans, hand soap, toilet paper, trash bags, etc.

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