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CFAMedia is a tech PR firm created with the goal of supporting Mature tech firms to communicate their goals, products and services with their communities and the general public. CFAMedia enables the company to focus on the product while we ensure your brand, image and products are adequately represented.

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Our Services

Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication

It cannot be overstated how important strategic communications is. However, it is important to understand that strategic communications are more comprehensive, incorporating several types of other communication strategies under its umbrella. There is more to it than sending a tweet, a press release or hosting a clever social media campaign. Setting an achievable goal, having a clear intention, and being mindful of the implications is essential.

Stakeholders Management

Stakeholders Management

Research shows that companies that engage stakeholders improve their chances of completing projects on time and on budget. We know that effective stakeholder management is fundamental to the success of projects The impact of stakeholders is now becoming more obvious in many areas of public and corporate life.

Public Relations

Public Relations

If a business wants to bridge that trust gap between its potential clients or customers, it can hire someone in public relations. It is the expert's aim to enhance their credibility in their field and to increase their overall reputation. At CFAmedia we do more than increase your credibility. We tell your story your way.

Media Production

Media Production

Thanks to the increasing use of digital options in the industry, media production has become a thriving and dynamic area. We produce motion pictures, television shows, videos, commercials, Internet videos, or other viewable programming provided by a movie theatre or by broadcast radio, cable, satellite, wireless, or internet transmission.



Planning an event can be a stressful process, and can often leave event organizers feeling overwhelmed. Leave it to the experts (CFAMedia). Just because we know your organization's key goals before planning, we can ensure that every part of your event is optimized for success.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

As they say, the world has become a global village. The digital strategy makes use of digital technologies to form new competing business models. Digital strategy is the future of all business strategies. This is the future and CFA Media is right on track.


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Our Slogan

Telling your innovation story

With over 8 years of experience and a customer portfolio of over 50 companies we use Digital media tools to amplify your innovation, thereby making you remain timeless and top of mind in the heart of every consumer and stakeholder. With a lot of resources at hand, we support startup brands by joining forces to propel their dreams. We do this to ensure the future of the society is safer and better served with greater innovations. We have successfully turned over 100 startups to future market leaders for good .

CFAMedia Approach

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Our Public Relations approach is powered by adequate and factual research with inclusive insights on market data and audience behavior .With these , we have efficiently converted objectives to milestones for our clients .

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For every step we make , every client we serve , and every audience we target; Strategy is king. With our expert and strategic approach to PR , we have been able to maximize available resources to deliver great results. We plan and deliver effectively at your beck and call

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We are not a regular PR company , we apply dynamism in creating solutions and finding better perspectives to tell your stories that make the news. CFAMedia ensures your story resonates with your target audience and endears them to your brand. We work with creative minds who are ready to explore options others only follow.

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The highest point of any Public Relations project is the execution. We have successfully programmed audience engaging PR campaigns. These projects have lifted the face of over a hundred startups in the Technology industry and also turned Big brands to legacy brands just by effectively telling their stories with our effective toolkits.


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