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The SOFEE Website Remake

Economic empowerment is achieved through the application of relevant acquired knowledge and skills. The Sam Ohuabunwa Foundation for Economic Empowerment, SOFEE, seeks to reach out to the masses to pass these knowledge and skills with its website serving as an interface. The management of SOFEE, however, realized that the website was not meeting up to their expectation in terms of delivery to visitors. They needed a more robust and responsive design among other areas where they suspected the site was lacking.

The Initial Design

The previous design was not modern as it was last built about 5 years ago and it fell short of allowing visitors to grasp the knowledge of what the foundation is really all about plus the fact that it was not mobile friendly and would not provide a pleasurable experience for the mobile users. The CFAmedia team also found out that the Header was flimsy and, consequently, the identity and titles were unappealing and needed upgrading as these failed to adequately cover SOFEE’s operations well.

Welcome to the Sofee Foundation

The entire arrangement of various elements and components of the Home Page, though fairly standard, also needed some rejigging to make it eye-catching. CFAmedia, in close consultation with the Management of SOFEE, led by Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, OFR, got down to the business of upgrading this unique website, applying relevant skills and expertise, and taking care of every minute detail.

The Remake

The CFAmedia team began the project by following the same process that led to the awesome re-design of the Dr. Julz brand which led to developing a website that is responsive and can be displayed on various devices without compromising its appeal. The team also created a dynamic content area that is multifaceted and not restricted to two columns like the previous one. The team also introduced sliding featured images, redesigned the page titles.


The team paid particular attention to the Home page and made it more detailed to encompass SOFEE’s operations in totality. This was, however, artistically and cleverly executed such that nothing looks squeezed in or out-of-place. The team also improved the colors, backgrounds and display text. In the end, SOFEE had a fresh, appealing website with easy navigation and an outlook that’s hard to beat.


At CFAmedia, we derive our happiness from successfully completing our projects to the ultimate satisfaction of the customer. Everyone involved in this project was overly pleased with the results since it was evident that all the hard work had paid off magnificently. Over the years, we have built a huge portfolio of web development projects carried out effectively for extremely happy clients.

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Sam Ohuabunwa Foundation for Economic Empowerment, SOFEE, is a Not-for-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization. It is the initiative of Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, OFR. It focuses on creating awareness of economic and financial opportunities and how to take advantage of them, facilitate job creation, teach and impart knowledge on how to build solid enterprises and businesses and skills to run existing businesses successfully, etc., all with a view to eradicating poverty in the society and helping SME’s to grow. Visit the site now.

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