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The Rebirth of Eventful Nigeria Limited Online

One of the most challenging projects our team at CFAmedia ever worked on was the upgrading of Eventful Nigeria Limited’s website. Eventful Nigeria wanted to create a website that would sell their services and put them at the forefront as the best event organizers in Nigeria. After taking a look at their erstwhile website and considering their objective for an upgraded site, we knew, straight away, that this was not going to be an ordinary task. We assembled the finest and most experienced team from our staff to work on this job.

Where We Begun

No doubt, the old site was not even close to what the client needed to compete in a market characterized by finesse in creativity, style, and elegance. The theme and background colors were drab. The single photo on the homepage barely told of the incredible services and professionalism offered by Eventful Nigeria. The general layout of the website made it difficult to fully grasp the extent to which the company goes to ensure that they plan the best and most successful events.


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